13 Yoga Brands That Are Changing the World One Pair of Pants at a Time

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You can’t have too many yoga pants. It is not just about looks.

We want our yoga clothes to be comfortable and cute. We have put together a list of yoga brands that are changing the world for the better, one pair of leggings at a time.

They use products that are good for the world. But what else is happening?

1. KiraGrace

Kira Grace is a strong player. Their core values are integrity, honor, inspiration, community and compassion. The proceeds from clothing sales go to a charity.

Keep up the good work, guys!

2. Yogiiza

The mission of Yogiiza is simple. You can feel good wearing all of the yoga clothing.

“When we choose synthetic, unsustainable, petroleum based products, we are perpetuating a system that depends on us being unaware.” We can clearly see that the choices we make manifest the world we choose. We’re aware. We chose natural. We pick organic.

A yoga outreach group that teaches the practice to impoverished children, single mothers, prisoners and other-risk groups is one of the things Yogiiza supports. It’s great to see Yogiiza practicing what she preaches.

3. prAna

prAna is committed to making a difference in the world. prAna is able to make beautiful and functional products by partnering with companies and factories that follow strict guidelines for safety and efficacy. Some of the sustainable materials used in prAna’s clothing and accessories include organic cotton, recycled wool, recycled polyester, and down.

A lot of charities are supported by prAna and their employees are encouraged to volunteer for them.

There is a community garden. What is that thing?

4. Chewylou

The origin story for the brand name may be the sweetest. The owners’ dogs, Chewbacca and Lexington, were named after the owners’ shirts that were made with organic dyes and manufactured with natural energy sources. They are also involved in charitable action.

They give a lot of their profits to various charities. Chemo Companions was started to support other charities. Chemo Companions gives company to people undergoing treatment. We don’t know if they bring Chewy and Lexington.

5. Cozy Orange

It’s not hard to see why Cozy Orange makes some pretty cozy looking products. The company’s values and sustainable promise stand out.

You can feel good about not having so much plastic waste if you order something from Cozy Orange. World Vision and water.org are their partnerships. If you add a $1 donation to your order, Cozy Orange will match it up to $100,000 per year.

6. Carrot Banana Peach

The Carrot Banana Peach is taking it to the next level. They make fabric natural yoga wear for their clothing that contains a lot of things.

Carrot Banana Peach is the brand for people who are all about living conscientiously. If you are as curious as we are about clothes made of milk.

7. Inner Waves Organics

Take notice of Inner Waves Organics. They serve meals to the homeless, teach donation-based yoga classes, and a portion of their proceeds goes to Give Back Yoga Foundation.

You’re getting the whole package with Inner Waves Organics.

8. Earth Yoga

Earth Yoga makes clothing with sustainable, renewable products.

They use recycled plastic bottles to make their fabrics to keep plastic out of landfills. “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” is what they say on their website. It sounds like a new phrase to us.

9. Satva

Satva tries to live purely.

Satva’s mission is to create a balance between people, planet, production, profits and philanthropy. We want to create an ethical and harmonious environment that will satisfy customers, empower impoverished farming communities, and improve the global environment.

Their clothing is all organic, eco-friendly, and non-GMO cotton, which means you can feel good.

10. Anjali

The business plan reflects yogic principles. All of their clothing is made in the United States.

They hold their company to high standards. Our own wardrobe these days is made up of items that always seem appropriate no matter what we are doing. We have a vision for Anjali. We pick fabrics that feel good against the skin and are in alignment with a life style vision that we strive to cultivate in our yoga practice.

11. Green Apple

Green Apple is looking for sustainable fabrics. They use bamboo to make their fabrics, which is good for the environment and good for you as well.

Bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, thermo-controlled, and provides UV protection from the sun. Do you think yoga pants can protect you?

12. Shining Shakti

Rachel Richardson is the lead singer of Jefferson Starship and founded Shining Shakti to make it easy on the environment.

Each piece of their clothing is hand dyed to make it its own work of art. These clothes are made of cotton, bamboo, and recycled plastic and will fit right in at your next yoga class or concert.

13. Teeki

It is definitely not least, Teeki. With good reason, ketki pants have become an icon. Their prints are made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles.

Outside of the workplace, Teeki hosts yoga retreats and parties. One pair of pants and one happy yoga teacher.

Which yoga brands do you like the most? Do you know of any yoga brands that are making a difference?


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