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Did you know that the best managed accounts can trade your money? Many of the world’s top brokers have invested in technology that allows them to build more sources of revenue.

It is becoming more and more popular to have a managed account. A lot of the best accounts were mixed up with the bad ones.

In this guide, we go through the top 10 managed accounts for you to start with, as well as the benefits and risks you need to know about.

Best Managed Forex Accounts List 2021

Thousands, if not millions, of traders offer foreign exchange managed funds. Only a small selection would be considered among the best managed foreign exchange accounts.

It can take a lot of time to research the different providers funding for forex traders and check their quality. We have created a list of the top 10 managed accounts for this year.

eToro is the largest selection of Fee-Free Managed Foreign Exchange Accounts.

The top 10 accounts are a great place to start. To begin with, you should focus on the top 5 so you can learn more about how it all works.

Top Forex Managed Accounts Reviewed

In this section, we show you how to open an account with the top 5 best managed accounts so that you can learn more about their features, pros and cons.

eToro is the largest selection of fee-free managed foreign exchange accounts.

The world’s largest social trading and copy trading platform is called eToro. eToro is used by more than 20 million people around the world. The broker offers managed accounts in a wide range of asset classes.

The CopyPortfolio feature is one of the reasons eToro is considered one of the best managed accounts. You can invest in portfolios designed by the investment team. The Copy Trader feature allows you to find individual traders to manage your money.

You can find the best accounts on the eToro platform. The top of the platform will populate a list of traders who meet your criteria, if you put in the criteria you want.

To start copying their trades you need to click on the Copy icon. It is as easy as that! To get started, you just need to open an account, deposit funds and start copying whoever you want.

There are no fees for management or revenue share. The normal spread on the underlying instruments is what you pay. The minimum amount to start with CopyPortfolios is $5,000, but can be lower with the Copy Trader feature.


Regulated by FCA, CySEC and ASIC

Zero management fees

Keep all of the profits made

Access forex managed funds and cryptos, stocks, etc

Low minimum deposit for CopyTrader


The minimum investment is high, but can start with a demo.

The majority of retail investors lose money trading on this website.

There are two things. Dukascopy is a Swiss PAMM Broker that has a large selection of foreign funds.

Dukascopy is also a bank. They were one of the first providers of the PA MM system. Dukascopy Bank clients can have their accounts managed by a trader with a trading limited power of attorney.

The bank does not endorse, represent or participate in any way with the professional traders who use the PA MM system. The Dukascopy Wealth Management team acts as your account manager, so they offer their ownLP PAMM system.

There are no management or performance fees with the DukascopyLP PA MM account. There are some fees that will be charged on trades. The volume commission for currency pairs is 5 dollars per million dollars.

The minimum investment is 1000 dollars. While the bank offers a variety of services, their reputation has diminished somewhat as they offer a type of trading that has been banned by most regulators around the world.


Regulated in Switzerland

$1,000 minimum investment

Zero performance or management fees


Recommended investment time more than 1 year

Average performance over past few years

There is no guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk

There were 3. There are investment programs for global traders.

Investment Programs is a provider of different managed accounts. St.Vincent and the Grenadines is an unregulated jurisdiction and they only work with regulated brokers.

As your capital is held with the broker, it is always important to check they are regulated. This doesn’t mean that the company managing your funds is regulated and will provide the same level of safety, so it’s worth doing your own due diligence and reading the disclaimer.

FxMAC provides verified track record performance metrics for each of its investment programs. As they use a satellite office in the UK, client meetings need to be booked in advance.

There is no option to test their services via a demo account. The fee is higher than the industry average.


Works with regulated brokers

Verified performance from MyFXBook


High minimum investment and performance fee

There is an unregulated offshore jurisdiction based in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

There is no guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk

There were 4. The selection of managed account plans.

There are three different account plans using the MetaTrader 4 PAMM system. They only work with regulated brokers.

A performance fee of 30% of total monthly profits is included in the Personal Account plan. The minimum investment for the Business Account is $25,000. The $100,000 minimum investment is needed for the performance fee of 20% of monthly profits.

There were a few issues from further research A 25% per month return is advertised for the Personal Account, 30% per month for the Business Account, and a 35% per month return for the enterprise account.

It is very rare for a provider to have such specific targets. These numbers are very high to achieve. The company’s verified results on MyFXBook show a more than 50% withdrawal on your capital which may be high for most.


Works with regulated brokers

Verified results on MyFXBook


Advertises exact and specific gains per month (unrealistic)

More than 50% of the account has been taken out.

There is no guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk

Forex Managed Accounts Fees Comparison

If you are looking for a quick comparison of the first five companies in the list, then keep reading.

Provider Services Fees Ratings are as follows: eToro CopyPortfolios and CopyTrader accounts have no performance fee, and Dukascopy has a volume commission of 5USD per 1 million traded.

Fees vary from provider to provider Security and transparency are important when choosing the best managed accounts. The factors and others have been taken into account.

What is a Managed Forex Account?

A managed foreign exchange trading account is ideal for beginners and experienced traders. A team of traders manage your funds in a managed trading account for you in the foreign exchange market.

Over the years, it has become increasingly popular as a way to build an additional revenue stream. Financial markets brokers now offer the technology to set up a managed account for individuals. The PAMM or MAM system would be used with the exception of eToro.

There are three different types of managed trading accounts that can be used.

The percentage allocation management module is called PA MM. The system allows for the allocation of trades to be based on the number of investor accounts. It allows investors to have different account sizes.

There is a module called LAMM that deals with allocation management. The same lot size is copied from the trader to the investors. You need to have the same account size for it to be common.

A multi asset manager. The manager can assign different leverage amounts to different accounts.

Benefits of Forex Managed Accounts

There are many benefits to choosing the best managed account, whether it is one of the top 10 managed accounts or not.


The foreign exchange market is open 5 days a week. Most beginners don’t have the time to take advantage of all of the opportunities that the market has to offer.

Growing your account is an ideal way to make money on the foreign exchange market if you have a professional do it for you. It is a great way to learn how to trade different investment accounts in the foreign exchange market.


One of the great things about managed accounts is the fact that you have control over your money. You can put in a stop loss level with the PA MM system.

If your account goes below a certain level, the broker should stop copying the trader’s trades. If you are winning, then this is essential, but what happens if you are not? You want to protect your money.


You will be asked to fund an account with a regulated broker. You want to make sure your capital is safe because unregulated brokers don’t have regulatory oversight.

You can only deposit your funds with the broker, which is one of the best features of the funds. If the fund manager asks you to send money to a bank account, be careful.

The PAMM/LAMM/MAM systems are powered by a letter of power of attorney. You give the trader permission to trade on your account, but they can’t withdraw money or move funds.

How to open a managed foreign exchange account.

If you want to start with the best managed account provider, then follow the steps below. The company not only provides a high level of transparency in what they do but also happens to be the world’s best foreign exchange signal provider and works with top regulated brokers.

Step 1: Register an Account

You will need to register an account with a globally regulated broker.

For a seamless transition to having a managed forex trading account, make sure to use the MetaTrader 4 andUSD.

There is no guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk

Step 2: Upload your ID

To verify your address and identity, you will need to submit ID documents. The safety and security of your account is guaranteed by this requirement.

A passport or driver’s license can be included in an ID document. The Proof of Attorney form is required. The Learn2Trade investment team can trade on your account, but not move money or withdraw funds.

Step 3: Get Started!

You can start trading once you have completed the steps.

There is no guarantee that you will make money. Proceed at your own risk


What is a foreign exchange account? The best foreign exchange managed accounts pool investor capital together through technology. How do foreign exchange accounts work? A trader or team of traders will trade your capital with other investors in a managed foreign exchange account. When they make you money, they charge a performance fee. What are the best accounts to use? Some of the best managed accounts can be found at e Toro. Performance will change over time so keep an eye on it. How much do you make on your managed account? The performance of managed accounts varies from person to person. There are different risk tolerances offered by most. To try and go for a higher return, you need to be prepared to take on high risks. Everyone has their own level of risk. Is managed foreign exchange accounts legit? There are some accounts that are not legit. It’s best to focus on providers that work with regulated brokers that offer a high level of transparency and contact on their website, as well as verified results of course.


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