Facebook Product Post Examples From the World’s Most Liked Facebook Pages

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There are 10 types of product posts on Facebook.

Take a look at the types of product posts that top brands are using. These examples could help you sell more stuff.

A personliking your Facebook Page means they are interested in your business.

They aren’t interested in your products so you shouldn’t be shouting “BUY!” All the time.

You want your products to be seen and appreciated.

How can businesses like yours increase their sales facebook marketplace ad posting service on Facebook while still increasing engagement?

I wanted to find out how the top brands on Facebook post about their products and how companies with millions of Fans generate engaging and commented on product updates that are liked, shared and commented on by tons of consumers worldwide.

I looked at the world’s most popular Facebook brand Pages and came up with a lot of brilliant product post methods.

Here are 10 types of product posts from the world’s most-liked Facebook Pages.

This is the best Facebook post type.

The reason a user likes your page is likely due to sales. They want to get their hands on your deals as soon as possible.

So give it to them!

Check out this example of a Walmart video post.

Another example of a simple Facebook post.

There are different types of product posts on Facebook.

One way to turn fans into customers is through Facebook contests. To begin with, they are all about providing value to your Fans, addressing the reason they like you.

Every social media marketer should have a Facebook contest. They are an awesome way to get brand awareness and a great way to get people to buy.

Send a discount code to your entrants via email when you create a Facebook contest. Hundreds of people are taking advantage of a sale.

Home Depot is promoting a contest on Facebook.

And another contest post example from Lids:

By the way…

Don’t be like Lids when it comes to the contest page on the Facebook Post.

There are different types of product posts on Facebook.

A winning strategy on Facebook is to use what your target market is already thinking about and framing the value of your products in that way.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Get ready for summer with product posts around late spring.
  • The holiday season is a good time to create product posts.
  • The back-to-school season is almost here. Is your family ready?
  • Product posts can get people excited for the weekend.

Check out this example from Lowe’s on Facebook.

If you do a little research on the top brands on Facebook, you will see that most of the posts are themed.

Combining a themed post with a secondary value proposition is recommended by me. TGIF! You can get buy-one-get-one-free signature cocktails until 6 tonight and again from 9-12.

There are different types of product posts on Facebook.

Showing what can be done with your product is a powerful motivator.

Have you ever walked around the Ikea maze and noticed how they create entire bedrooms? Prospective customers can see what can be done with the things they buy. Their perceived value would be less if they were sold alone.

  • The scarf finishes off a stunning ensemble.
  • In this week’s video, you can combine bunk beds and children’s furniture into a Star Wars fort.
  • The release of our email marketing tool is very exciting. The Wishpond platform gets even more complete when there are contests and popups.

Ben & Jerry’s is promoting what you can do with their products.

Another great DIY post example from Lowes:

My recommendation is for you to create Facebook posts that will get your Fans and friends to click on your website. You are going to overwhelm people if you try to get all the information in a post. Get them excited about the idea of making or building something, and then drive them to your website to complete the action.

It is easier to buy from your website.

There are different types of product posts on Facebook.

Don’t just tell people to buy your products. The posts should tell people why.

If anything distinguishes your products from your competitors, be sure to highlight them often.

This is an example of a promotional post from Ben & Jerry’s.

Whenever your brand does something innovative, changes something, or releases a new product, be sure to mention it on Facebook.

Why would your fans agree to receive information from you if they are interested in you? Give them what they want.

If the news involves a new selling point for your product? All the best!

At Wishpond, we have a team of marketing experts who can help you. You can book a demo.

Types Of Facebook Product Posts #6: Hashtags

The most profitable Facebook posts are the ones that show your potential customers that you exist.

Facebook contests are great for doing this, as your existing Fans share your contest with non- Fans, but hashtags work the same way, introducing your content to people who aren’t searching for you but rather searching for an idea, theme, or subject

A promotional Facebook post is often used to introduce your business to people who don’t know you.

There are 2 billion users on Facebook. If you only focus on driving your existing fans to buy from you, you will miss out on a huge opportunity for brand awareness.

And that’s where hashtags come in.

The post example from the last post type helps to show what I am talking about here.

Product posts on Facebook have different types of posts.

You might be wondering how charity can promote products.

There’s a simple reason and a simple statistic:

According to a 2015 survey, a majority of online consumers would pay more for products or services from companies that are socially and ethically responsible.

If your target market is young people, that number goes up to 70%.

If your business sponsors a softball team, runs a can drive during the holiday season, or does a charity run, talk about it on Facebook

It will increase sales if you show your Fans that you are a company with morals.

Online consumers would pay more for socially responsible products. Donate and get sales.

This is an example of a post on Facebook.

Here is an example post from Zara, showing their commitment to the environment.

Product posts on Facebook have different types.

You may have seen this before on other social media tips. Your first response is always, “But I don’t know any people.”

You are probably correct. Let’s expand the definition

Technical experts, academic experts, and people like the prospective customer were the people most trusted by the people in the annual Trust Barometer report.

If you feature those people and their review of your product, service, or brand, you will likely get more trust from your fans and potential customers.

Unless the person promoting you is relevant to your target market, they are not worth the time and effort.

If I were a software marketer, I would rather have Fishkin talk about my platform. We would explode with awareness. It’s not brand awareness that results in money.

The long and short of it is that you don’t need to know that electrolytes are important when playing sports, but it doesn’t hurt either

Here’s a Facebook post example from Gatorade:

There are types of product posts on Facebook.

You can use the photo album feature on Facebook to add up to 1,000 photos.

Now, nobody’s recommending you do that.

You can use photo albums to show more of your products. If you received a new product for the season, you should show it off in a photo album.

A lookbook of their latest shoes was created by using this formula on Facebook.

Click on the image icon to create a look-book, slideshow, or carousel.

There are different types of product posts on the internet.

If you’re new to marketing or just starting a business, I want to be the first to tell you that photo quality is important.

Professional businesses and amateur businesses have the same photo quality.

If you have the right lighting, the right camera, and the right style, you have a chance to succeed in your phone case business.

Here’s an example from Zara:

An online store that is destined to succeed is a model.

That level of context is missing from the item. Prospective customers are told that if they buy that it could look like that.

There is an item of clothing in the post.

I think the model looks better against the sand dune.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will give you a better idea of how to promote your products and drive sales on Facebook.

About 40% of your Facebook posts should be promotional and educational. As you get responses from your Fans, you can play with that ratio.


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