Fun Things to Do With Your Boyfriend at Home

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Do you want to have fun with your boyfriend? The list below has some original ideas. You don’t have to break the bank when you have a boyfriend and you don’t have to get bored when you’re at home.

1. An at-home spa day

A special menu of spa events can include massages, foot rubs, pedicures and manicures, all of which sound fun. You can tell him what you want. Both of you will feel refreshed and relaxed at the end of the day.

2. Take out a board game

Set up special rewards for the winner of the board game you are playing. If there is a special prize at the end of the game, guys love it.

3. Enjoy a picnic

It doesn’t cost a lot to do it. You and your boyfriend can plan the picnic menu, prepare the food, and then go for a romantic picnic under a tree. Bring along a soft blanket.

4. Camp out in your living room how to make a man want you bad

Do you remember when you used to build forts in your home? Pull out the sleeping bags and blow-up mattresses to make a fort. Tell some ghost stories before you go to sleep.

5. Video game night

If you love video games, you can play against your boyfriend in head-to-head matches. For a change, spend the evening playing videos for him. The expression on his face when you tell him that you are going to play a video game with him will be priceless.

6. Play poker

Grab a pile of poker chips and have a good time with your boyfriend. Strip poker is an option, but that will be up to you.

7. Run a movie marathon

Pick up some popcorn and use it to make something. Prepare to sleep in the living room with comfortable blankets. You will most likely fall asleep during one of the movies that you have watched.

8. Have a massage night

You can schedule an evening where you can have a massage. Look on the internet for massage techniques. One of the fun things to do with your boyfriend is this one.

9. Create a theme night

A theme night for you and your boyfriend can be fun if you are a creative person. If you want to make it a 70s night, you should put on disco music, make some old fashion sodas, and make sure you dress well for the event.

10. Schedule a cooking competition

Inform your boyfriend that there will be a competition to find the best cook. He can bring his ingredients and you can make some great masterpieces. You may want to include a bottle of wine if you are both older than the other. You can try out a new recipe for a smooth alcohol-free drink that you can sip as you create your food.

11. Your night – his night

This is a great idea that you can put together. Designate Friday night as your boyfriend’s night where he can choose his plan. You can choose the activities on the Saturday night. The other will not know what the plan is until the evening is over.


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