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The serp google use of Schema markup is underused. Optimizing your job pages can lead to a jump in applications from other companies.

What is the structure of the internet? It is a way for search engines to more easily read and classify your job postings.

If you want to, you should include the Schema markup in your job postings.

  • Show up in the company that helps with Jobs.
  • Candidate searches on major search engines can be ranked higher.
  • Candidate click-through rates can be increased on websites.

To get these benefits, you have to provide a list of the properties in your code.

There are two tables, one for required properties and one for recommended properties. We recommend that you give both types of properties to maximize your job’s potential.

Required properties for job postings.

Property Example
@context To ””
@type “@type”: “JobPosting”
datePosted “datePosted”: “2018-06-05”
description The full description is in the format of the website.
title “title” is “Software Engineer”.
validThrough “valid Through”
hiringOrganization hiringOrganization”Organization”, type: name: Ongig”””” }”
jobLocation “jobLocation” : { “@type””: “Place”, “address””: {“@type”: “PostalAddress”.”StreetAddress” is “6114 La Salle Avenue, Suite 120″.”address Locality”: “Oakland””addressRegion”: “CA””postalCode”: “94611””address country”: “US” } }”

There are recommended properties for job postings.

Property Example Options
baseSalary “baseSalary” : {“@type”: “MonetaryAmount”. “currency”: “USD”, “value”: {“@type”: “quantitative value”. “value”: 40.00, “unitText”: “HOUR” } } Unit Text: “HOUR” “DAY” “WEEK” “MONTH” “YEAR”
employmentType “employment type” is “full time”. “FULL_TIME” “PART_TIME” “CONTRACTOR” “TEMPORARY” “INTERN” “VOLUNTEER” “PER_DIEM” “OTHER”
identifier “identifier”: {“@type”: “Property value”. “name”: “Ongig”, “value”: “1234567” } “Property value” options
industry “Manufacturing” is an industry. There is a list of industry-specific Schema markup.
occupationalCategory “Software Developers, Applications” is a category. Page 223-241
Geo “geo”: {“@type”: “geoCoordinates”.”latitude” is 37.825.”longitude”: “-122.41833” } latitude and longitude are the two most important parameters of your job.

How to check your job pages

  1. Go to the job posting.
  2. You can view the source code of the page by pressing the buttons on the page.
  3. You can find and search words with the help of the command + F on PC or Mac.
  4. If your pages have a Schema markup, you can type in any of the required properties in the tables above.

A sample of a job posting.

There are additional resources for job posting.

If you have an expert in-house, they can help you apply the Schema to your job pages.

If you want Ongig’s help, just reach out for a demo. Ongig builds all of your job pages with and other search engine tactics.

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