How to Open a Garage Door Manually From Outside

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The function garage door broken springs of your garage door can be changed.

Most garage doors now have a remote function.

One of the biggest reasons to convert to more automated garage doors is the convenience.

If the power goes out and you need your car to be outside, what should we do?

When you know how to open a garage door manually, you don’t need to leave your car inside.

There is no need for an emergency commute trip.

The garage doors have an alternative solution.

You can open it with the flick of a hand, but the manual way is still present for you.

The easiest way to get your garage door to lift to the top is through the door itself.

The situation can be dealt with either way.

You can open the door from inside or outside.

Emergency key release method

The emergency key release is one of the ways you can open the garage.

There should be a release for garage doors.

Once you find it, you can open the garage door on your own.

Step 1: Find the emergency release kit

There is a small lock in the middle of the door.

The ceiling frame of the garage door is near it.

There is an emergency cable in the lock.

Step 2: Unlock the release cord

Put the key in the lock.

You should be able to pull the lock out.

The garage door motor has a release cable.

Step 3: Lift the garage door manually

It is now possible to open the door manually when the motor is disconnected.

Lift the garage door manually and carefully.

Since the garage door can be heavy even with the support of the remaining cables, it would be best to open it this way.

Step 4: Close the garage door

Get inside your garage and close the door.

Put the emergency key release back in place.

Wire method

You can install the measure on the outside before the emergency key release works.

You don’t have an access door to the garage if the handle is inside.

You can open the garage door manually if you don’t have this option.

The wire method can be used if you are outside.

This method is like breaking into your garage.

The first step is to prepare a wire.

You can shape the wire with a hooked end.

It can be shaped like a circle in one end.

The goal is to get through the hoop.

Step 2: Attach the end of the wire to the handle.

There is a crack in the garage door.

If you pass through the wire, you can catch the hooked end.

The emergency release cable disengages the motor.

The trolley tag needs to be pulled for the release.

Pull the trolley tag or the handle.

You can’t get it the first time, but you can try.

You can pull the garage doors manually with this.

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