Tips to Buying a Beverage Refrigerator

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You might be overwhelmed by all of the brands, features, and capacities available to choose from if you are shopping for a beverage fridge. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a purchase It’s easier to find the right drink cooling and storage unit when there are so many options best silicone spatulas. It is a matter of knowing what is best for you. Shopping for a beverage refrigerator is much simpler once you know which features are important to you. Consider these tips when buying a beverage refrigerator.

1 Decide what kind of drinks you will have.

Determine what types of beverages you plan to keep. Are you going to be storing canned goods? Do you need an appliance that can hold bottles of wine in addition to other drinks? You need to pick the right cooler for your diet and preferences.

Some models contain only cans, while others have dual-zone beverage coolers that can hold wine and canned cold beverages. Each kind of drink is stored in a different compartment. If you want to store your wine collection in a temperature-controlled environment, there are also wine refrigerators.

There are a wide range of sizes. The average home or office has a small beverage fridge. If you only plan on keeping drinks for one or two people, you can go with a smaller container. The units are great for sitting out of the way on the counter or in smaller offices.

A beverage refrigerator that can hold up to 100 cans is the best for a small group. If you want a built-in unit to save floor space, you can install it.

A large capacity beverage refrigerator with a capacity of around 150 cans will allow you to keep several items cold at the same time and save you from running out of product.

Where to find the beverage fridge?

The available room in your home or office is the most important factor in deciding on a beverage refrigerator. Small to medium appliances can fit in tight places, such as underneath tables or on countertops with limited surface area. Larger units can require more space, but the majority of them are easy to work in in your home or office. Larger models stand between two and three feet high.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

You want to know if the fridge will be indoors or outdoors. The exteriors of the outdoor models are made from steel. Some units have triple-pane glass. If you make additions to the patio, backyard, pool or hot tub area, these are great.

Freestanding vs. Built-In

You need to know if you want a built-in unit or a freestanding one. They can be installed almost anywhere with an electrical outlet. It is helpful for space-challenged areas such as small kitchens or apartments to have built-in refrigerators installed.

4. Consider Energy Usage

There are many beverage centers that are energy efficient. Look for products that are Energy Star certified. The Energy Star standard was created in 1992 by the EPA and the Department of Energy. The emblem of the Energy Star uses between 20% and 30% less energy than the government says it should. You can compare the average energy use, displayed in kilowatt hours per year, with each model.

5. Know What Options You Need

A small basic model is enough for you if you just need to have a few cans of soda on hand. Many higher-end models have an extensive selection of features. Some options may be useful.

The machines have separate temperature zones in either side-by-side or top and bottom. Wine is usually chilled at higher temperatures than beer, soda, or other canned beverages, so these are great for storing wine and canned items.

Refrigerators with a locking door are usually only unlocked with a key. This can be used to keep minor away from alcohol or prevent expensive items from vanishing.

Digital temperature controls can help you store your products at the right temperature.

You can change the shelf height to better fit your liquids.

The interior lighting in these fridges is more energy efficient and lasts longer than standard lighting.

You can change the side on which the door is installed and open it.

6. Look at Your Budget

Basic models of beverage refrigerators cost less than high-priced units that boast a lot of features. Knowing what you need in a fridge, as well as researching features and costs, should help you figure out a price range. Depending on the model, it can cost anywhere from $170 to $1,800, with some premium items costing between $3,000 and $4,000. Before shopping, be sure to understand your needs and set a realistic budget.

Popular Brands for Beverage Fridges

Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to beverage fridges. Several brands have a variety of units, price points, and options. They’re:

It is possible to find innovation, luxury, and convenience at a reasonable price. The sleek design of the beverage fridges and wine fridges does not compromise reliability.

Danby Danby is a family-owned business and market leader in North America.

EdgeStar Edgestar is known for its sleekly designed beverage coolers that can be found at a wide range of price points.

Summit Summit offers durable beverage centers for both home and commercial use.

For over fifty years, U-Line U-Line has been manufacturing advanced refrigeration systems in the United States.

Shop Smart for Your Beverage Refrigerator

Your investment in a beverage center gives you many years of convenience. As you shop around for a beverage refrigerator, these tips should be helpful. Knowing what you need, what you want to spend, and information about popular brands will give you a guide to make a wise purchasing decision.


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